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Song for Poison Oak Energy Healing

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Do you react to poison oak? If so, please watch this video.

I have been experimenting with Light Language and Wording. It feels to me like communication that attunes the listener to a higher vibration. It’s an artistic expression, and I wonder if it carries specific information that we can use in a practical way. To help answer that question, I’ve made this Poison Oak Energy Healing video that contains light language intended to attune the listener to neutralize reactivity to poison oak.

If you are someone who is reactive to poison oak, I invite you to give it a try by watching the video, connecting with the energies, and receiving the attunement. I would interpret this light language transmission as my higher self witnessing you as unreactive to poison oak, and you may allow your light body to resonate with that if you choose.

If you try the video, then please also take the Poison Oak Reactivity Survey and submit your email address so I can follow up in a few months to ask about your ongoing experience with poison oak. I don't know if this video has an effect on people unless you tell me, so I appreciate your time taking the surveys.

A few words about Light Language for people who Work With I Am the Word.

When I perceive light language, it feels the same as the energetic connection I feel when someone Words through me or when I read the Paul Selig books. As I understand it, the books were written with light language. The authors don’t use that term, but they describe an embedded layer of intelligent energy transmitted to the readers. That’s light language, and it’s a natural human ability that they’re teaching us how to use by providing the Wording vocabulary.

It was a natural next step for me to learn light language. I have always felt my light body, and I’m a lifelong dancer, musician, and sound engineer. Practicing Quantum Touch and Wording for many years taught me to discern subtle energy flow and vibration. Expressing light language is like Wording, but instead of using the English vocabulary to inform the vibrational expression, I allow my higher self to inform the expression in a multidimensional way that bypasses the semantic meaning of words and movement.

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