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Story of The Triforium Tribune

This zine is the outcome of what I learned over the past three years running the website to facilitate online collaboration for people using their expanded consciousness (people Working With I Am the Word, a Facebook group I started in 2011 and archived in 2023 with 4800+ members). 

What began as a pandemic project gave me the opportunity to validate the inner-worlds of hundreds of people with different spiritual perspectives and at different levels of comfort with metaphysical and religious topics. In this role, I experimented with a variety of esoteric practices performed remotely, and this allowed me to develop my discernment of vibration and knowing. I was also obliged to “come out” as someone who has always felt her light body and has been privately working with subtle-energy for over 30 years, in spite of having deep roots in biological and psychological science and technical sound work.

My initial motivation to create this online service has evolved into a broader mission to inspire scientists to incorporate all that is known about consciousness into their work. I see this as an urgent need in order to create effective ways to mitigate climate change and to respond to unanticipated consciousness structures that may be created by human interaction with AI.

- Betsy

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Betsy Gain

She's been called an "independent thinker," a "polymath," and "without functional fixedness." With a broad range of expertise, she serves as a bridge resource for the crossover between academic science, spiritual, and religious cultures in the English-speaking world.

Raised in a family of Protestant ministers and musicians, Betsy was educated in Evolutionary Science at Princeton and UC Santa Barbara. She has always felt her light body and began cultivating habits of thought when she was five years old. In her early years, she become a pro at compartmentalizing as she enjoyed her ability to move among disparate philosophical worlds.

Now, she has over 30 years of working with subtle-energy systems while also assimilating this experience within the sometimes-dogmatic confines of science and religion. She's a lifelong dancer and musician, and her metaphysical style is influenced by her expertise as a sound engineer and her study of a variety of esoteric modalities including Quantum Touch (similar to Reiki), Wording (taught in Paul Selig channelings), sacred geometry, and now channeling and recording Light Language.

She also composes and produces music, went to film school, and worked as a professional sound mixer and sound editor in Los Angeles for five years. She now lives in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, and is her website for Media Production.

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