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I Am a Light Language Recording Artist

Wow, that’s something I never thought I would say about myself. I get that it looks kinda crazy, so I’ll do my best to explain what I can.

I have two goals for my work:

First, I’m producing a video catalog of energetic healing attunements that are designed to be pleasant, efficient, and organized in a useful way. I know they’re not for everyone, but I hope they bring grace and ease to the people who respond to them.

Second, I am using what I’ve learned about consciousness to demonstrate the creative potential of poorly understood cognitive phenomena. I am not alone in feeling that essential features of our human intelligence systems are currently ignored by mainstream science and culture. I hope to reduce some of the chaos in the world by inspiring scientists and academics to take expanded consciousness seriously.

My video channel is called “Palpable Paeans” because it’s a collection of Songs (paeans) that contain a layer of subtle energy that you can feel with your light body.

Let me break down the parts of each video and explain what each part means:

I begin with an Extended Namaste

I first introduce the video by declaring that I am a clear channel of light language, and you are a clear receiver of light language. This invocation opens a dialogue between my higher self and your higher self.

This opening invocation has a meaning that’s similar to the familiar word, “namaste,” my higher self bows to your higher self. But it goes beyond namaste because it engages the two higher selves with the intention to have an “etheric conversation” that bypasses symbolic thought and is outside of linear time. I call this an extended namaste.

I want to emphasize here that the extended namaste is real. It’s not just a superficial intellectual exercise, and it doesn’t matter what you believe or what you don’t believe. If you’re a human, then it’s something that you were born to do with human anatomy designed to do it.

It must be noted that the majority of people today have etheric social interactions all the time, but they have not learned to pay attention to them. However, if they practice developing their skills for etheric discernment, then they can use this intelligence system in a practical way as I'm doing here. There are countless methodologies to learn how to do this. It’s a wheel that has been invented over and over again throughout human history.

Next, I say, “This song is a transmission…”

“This song” means three things:

This recording session I’m doing right now,

The video and audio files that are stored on a server,

The listening session that happens in the future when someone watches the video.

When I channel light language “codes” within a particular song, they pass through this asynchronous pathway because of my intent to record in this way. Doing so imprints all of my recording devices with this intention, and I am supported and assisted by light-filled, non-physical beings who work in very high vibration to make it so.

Light Language codes” refers to the information that’s passed through an extended namaste conversation. You have to listen with your light body to receive light language codes. They are expressed in a higher dimension that surpasses the three-dimensional limitations that our physical bodies evolved to communicate with. As such, Light Language does not adhere to our normal expectations for spoken language.

The codes do not have a literal translation into symbolic language and symbolic thought. With practice, however, some people can intuit the gist of light language codes because they have learned to discern subtle energy vibration. Other people have learned to explain the gist of light language codes by channeling symbolic language (normal spoken language) from their higher aspects.

When someone first becomes aware of perceiving Light language, it feels like an emission of high vibrational subtle energy that radiates from a creative work. Once you start feeling it, you will probably be surprised by how often it comes to you through a variety of modalities and art forms. Light language can be expressed through the voice, the sound of an instrument, body movements such as dance, signing with the hands, writing, written symbols, painting, and even through the eyes.

The music starts the Song with a specific healing intent.

Through the extended namaste, my higher self witnesses the viewer in a high vibrational healed state and offers a vibrational suggestion for healing. A viewer who is listening with their light body may resonate with those codes and use them, or not, as their higher self decides. It is the viewer’s higher self that does the healing if healing is to be activated by exposure to this video.

Light language codes are often perceived as an intelligent energy that seems to be customized for the receiver. That’s why I call it an etheric conversation. As such, watching and listening to my Song videos may feel different through repeated viewings or on different days.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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Copyright Notice: All rights reserved. No part of this work may be copied or published without express written notice of the author. No part of this document may be used to train or create auto-generative text.

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