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How to Use These Songs

These recordings contain an invisible layer of subtle energy communication called a "light language transmission."

Like a vibrational bookmark, each song provides a fast and simple way to align your light body to resonate with the healing you need for that particular intention. Most songs are 3 to 4 minutes long. You can listen and view them as many times as you like to help maintain that vibration and express it throughout your physical body and your environment.

What is Light Language?

I describe the Light Language in these videos as an "Extended Namaste." It's my higher self greeting your higher self in a multidimensional way that bypasses symbolic thought and symbolic language. This part of ourselves is not restricted by time, so a video recorded in the past can connect you to receive the alignment whenever you watch it. (That's why we need to study it! Can AI-generated media contain light language? No one knows.)

Feeling light language is a skill. If you're aware of perceiving subtle energy, then watching and listening to these videos will feel like a high-vibrational stream of energy that is intelligently customized for you. If you further develop your discernment of subtle energy, then different songs will feel qualitatively different. If you're not yet able to feel subtle energy, then you can develop this skill by practicing self-awareness exercises like the self-paced classes in the Triforium (coming soon!).

How to use the Palpable Paeaons video channel:

  • Click in the search bar and select a topic that interests you. Alternatively, you can use the pull-down category menu on the right side.

  • For most topics, there are two options: Spoken Light Language and Signed Light Language. Try both to see what you prefer.

  • Take a few deep breaths to center yourself before you click Play.

  • As you watch, try to be present in the Now moment, and listen with your body as best you can.

  • Watch and listen to each recording as many times as you like.

  • Later, with practice, you may be able to realign your light body to the song's attunement by remembering the song or reciting its mantra if it had one.

And... last but not least...

Please come back and leave comments to tell us about your experiences with these songs. I hope they serve you well, and your feedback will help me create a useful catalog. Your comments can help others understand how they might also use these songs.

If you found these songs particularly useful, then please consider making a PayPal donation to express your gratitude and encourage me to keep going. All size donations are appreciated!



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