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Book Review - Adventures in Consciousness: an Introduction to Aspect Psychology by Jane Roberts

This book is on the reading list to introduce you to one of the most well-respected channels in modern times. In addition to being an accomplished channel for the entity named Seth, Jane Roberts kept detailed notes with the help of her husband, Robert Butts. She also wrote books in her "ordinary" state of consciousness, including this book about her experiences channeling. Her prolific manuscripts are now housed in an Archive at Yale University Library.

None of the books on this reading list are channeled, including this one. That means they're all written and edited by humans in their "ordinary" state of consciousness associated with the life histories of the bodies they were born into. Because it's written "by Jane," not "by Seth through Jane," this may be the least popular of Jane Roberts' published works. I think it's the most important, however, because Jane was a brilliant independent thinker. She should be recognized as a genius who was uniquely supported to push the boundaries of human knowledge.


In the first half of this book, Roberts explains the social context for her channeling and tells stories about consciousness exploration performed by her and those in her social circles. In the second half, she attempts to create a new theoretical framework to explain her experiences, and she calls it Aspect Psychology.

Take-home message:

Jane Roberts undoubtedly had talent and grit for both channeling and writing. More importantly, she also had social approbation to develop these skills and produce innovative materials throughout her lifetime. She demonstrates the creativity that can unfold if expanded consciousness were considered normal. Aspect Psychology is probably too far-out for the average reader to accept at first read, but it's a fascinating journey to ride with a remarkable intellect exploring new territory.

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