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Fall 2023

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The Triforium

Image by Sieuwert Otterloo

The Laboratorium

A Mosque Courtyard

The Peristylium

Traditional Library

The Bibliotheca

The Bibliotheca is a library where important documents are kept in order.

Here is where you can Read Articles about what we're practicing in the Triforium, experimenting with in the Lab, enjoying in the Peristylium, and reading in the Book Club.

The Peristylium is a private gallery space for Music performances and Art exhibitions.

Here, you'll find a Catalog of Light Language Music Videos. Each of these song recordings has an embedded subtle-energy track with a specific intention. They're the 21st-century digital descendants of Pythagoras's Paeans. They're cousins to the medicine songs of indigenous peoples.

The Laboratorium is where the mysteries of the universe get solved by those who play with ideas.

Here you'll find Online Zoom Classes for scientists and academics interested in expanded consciousness.  A monthly Book Club begins in October.  A Lab class to try out expanded consciousness techniques will start soon after.

The Triforium is a private balcony overlooking the public forum. It's the room of requirement above the gothic halls of academia and religion.  It's where the cool kids hang out and the conversation gets real.

Here, you'll find Self-paced Online Courses with exercises to practice using your expanded consciousness.  They're for people with traditional academic backgrounds who have had little to no support before now for feeling and working with subtle energy.

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