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Song for Having a Home that Nurtures You

"What is your current greatest need?" was asked in an online forum for people in the Sierra foothills where I live. The replies were eye-opening. At least a third of them described the struggle to have a home that met their needs and the needs of their families.

For this song, I was looking for a specific intention that could apply to anyone; so the idea of "having a home" jumped out at me. Everyone needs a home, and everyone experiences challenges for their home to be everything they need to thrive. Everyone needs a home that nurtures them.

Musically, I wanted to feel an atmospheric space, I wanted to breathe the air of home; so I chose a special track with minimalist glockenspiel and flute passing melody back and forth with magical intensity.

(Note: Old man Pythagorus wasn't a fan of the flute. He didn't think it capable of affecting consciousness in a positive way, but I think he was wrong!)

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope listening and receiving brings you grace.



I'd love to hear about your experience with this song.

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